Web Hosting?

akshay asked:

Hey i have a question on web hosting
question: is there any web hosting website where i can host my files and other users can download it or do whatever they want to do, but the URL or the link to the files always remains the same. No rapidshare and that kind of stuff. Some nice decent servcie with security.

web hosting
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9 Customer Reviews of “Web Hosting?”

Review by csplrj, May 16, 2010

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Review by Ryu S, May 18, 2010

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Review by Sumit Awal, May 21, 2010

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Review by Gruumsh, May 24, 2010

web hosting

Consider a hosting company that will give you…

(1) anonymous FTP users

(2) the ability to create multiple FTP user accounts, and designate the maximum space for each (with either shared or separate folders)

(3) possibly different accounts with a limit on bandwidth to keep users from dragging down your whole hosting account. Typically you do this by signing up as a “reseller”, which typically gives you access to a utility called Web Hosting Manager (WHM)

Review by Shailendra Mishra, May 27, 2010

web hosting

Its easy , just build your own web site
if you want your website to be free of cost , you cant have your own domain name i.e. it cant be etc for free.
it will cost you about $9 /year to have your own domiain like that one
However , it can be free if you compramise with subdomain like

yourname.serviceprovider.com or… etc

i have mine you can see

And you can have free webspace.

Just follow these steps

1. Go to one of the free web hosting website(listed below)
go and search the best web web hosting on
or go directly to the one selected by me

2. Register for free and remember your password.

3. Create your home page on your PC using html(if you dont know html you can create it using FRONTPAGE which is provided by Microsoft in windows 2000 or you can download a html editor from net also).

4. Save this page as index.htm

5. Now login in your free webhosting account and go to file manager(most of the webhosting websites have file manager)

6. Upload your “index.htm” page at top level without renaming

7. if you want more than one pages in your website then create those pages with your html editor(FrontPage)with their different names and provide links in your homepage(index.htm) targetting each of those page. (in target dont type the web address , just type the name of the target with extension like help.htm)

8. Upload those other pages also at same level.

9. Pictures can also be provided by same method(hyperlink the picture in page and upload it in file manager at same level)

10. Need your website to be more graphical ? try hese sites

11. Need any more assistance? i am always there for you.

12. Require an example?
i have also created my home page in these steps only.

Review by Seleno, May 29, 2010

web hosting

you can buy your own web site,it will be yours will all option,and can do anythings u want,uploading files,deleting files,also adding blogs and web pages,it’s better than buying filehost only!

look at these top web site hosting providers:

Review by Zelok, May 30, 2010


try this host:
Very Affordable and Reliable hosting.

Review by Dev, May 31, 2010

Caffeinated Content

There are lot’s of hosting service providers to choose from. And you will be able to host whatever you want.

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